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When You Move Through In Distress | Mufti Menk

This video is by Mufti Menk titled When You Move Through In Distress.

The video talks about how to deal with challenges and distress in life according to Islamic teachings. The speaker says that when you are going through a tough time, it is a moment to make a dua, a supplication to Allah. It is a moment of acceptance and asking Allah for help. The speaker also says that sometimes Allah tests us with challenges and that there might be a hidden blessing behind it. For example, you might have a major issue with your health or with your in-laws. But because of your patience and dua, Allah might bless you in other ways that you would never have imagined. The speaker also says that we should thank Allah for our tests because they can make us stronger. He also says that if Allah tests us with one thing, we should ask Allah not to test us with something else. The speaker ends the video by saying that we should be pleased with the decree of Allah and that Allah will open doors of sustenance for us in ways that we did not imagine.

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