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How to make money online by The Islamic Way

How to make money online by The Islamic Way

If You Want to make money remember these points:

  • Do not tell a Lie to your customer
  • Do not sell the thing which is haram in Islam
  • Do not give anybody riba because it is totally haram
  • Do not allow Google to post haram ads on your Blog or Youtube because the income from haram ads is totally haram if haram ads are on go to your AdSense and turn off haram ads

Now I am telling you the method by which you can earn money:


You can easily make money on Fiverr all you just need to do is go to Fiverr create an account and open a gig remember for Fiverr you need a skill like website designing or Youtube Seo or Data Entry there are many categories by which you can make money online. Fiverr is a verified app also I had a personal experience also work on this website to tell people about Islam, and I am doing my duty to spread Islam.


Youtube is the best source of income many Islamic scholars are doing this and earning a lot of 
the money you can also do this you can spread your skills by video i.e (You can teach people about Islam)
YouTube income is the best source of money you just need to do is make a youtube channel and post videos on it but at this time I would say that you need 1-year work on youtube because now the 
Competition is very high

Blogging or Worldpress:

Blogging is also the best source of money because you just need to write articles like me, I am writing
articles. Remember to start blogging WordPress or blog you need to pay money if you do not have money then go to other ways to earn money When starting in the first year you need less
money for blog and Worldpress

My last piece of advice:

Please do not find shortcuts these are just fake things that waste your time in these things 
and always remember to give 15% of your income for donation.Thanks 

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